The United States is the greatest nation in human history, having over the course of 250 years driven more prosperity for more people around the world than any other. The core components of that success story are the American system of individual liberty, capitalism and limited government. Together they’ve crafted a world most humans could only dream about. 

The reality is, if you’re an American in the 21st century, regardless of who you are or where you live, you’re likely living a life of luxury that kings couldn’t have imagined a hundred and fifty years ago. Think about it, things like washing machines, mobile phones, airplanes, elevators, air conditioning, the Internet… and so much more. 

All of those things had to be created by someone and many of them were created by Americans empowered by our American system.

Gratitude for America seeks to inspire gratitude for what we have by showcasing American innovators and inventors and entrepreneurs who created so much of what makes our lives so extraordinary. 

Our goal is to inspire Americans to focus on gratitude for what we have rather than focus on what we don’t have… Inspire an appreciation for the hard work, the sacrifice and the risk taking that created the world around us. We are the progeny of greatness and we should act like it. We should take that which we have and build on it for future generations.

If history shows one thing, it’s that prosperity isn’t guaranteed and must be nourished. We hope to do that by showcasing the giants who built our world and inspiring others to in turn build on their shoulders. Sir Isaac Newton said: “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” The men and women chronicled here are indeed giants and we should be grateful to be standing on their extraordinary shoulders.

We’ll be writing about guys like Cyrus McCormick who freed 75% of the population from working on the farm to go out and build a nation and Henry Ford who took cars from a luxury item to something the common man could afford. There will be others like Willis Carrier, Isaac Singer, Madam C. J. Walker, Alexander Graham Bell and even Nolan Bushnell of Pong!

We want our stories to foster gratitude and inspire others to pick up the entrepreneurial banner and go out and change the world, even if only in their little corner of it. And if they want to look good doing it they can pick up one of our Gratitude for America shirts!

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